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Purchasing Materials

I picked up my strips from Classic Boat Kits in Kanata, near Ottawa. Peter and Margaret are very friendly and helpful. They let me hang around the shop and take my time with my final decision. They couldn't get the 16 foot white cedar as we had hoped. He can get it occasionally but, unlucky for me, not possible until June at the earliest, well after I wanted to start construction. So I went with honey coloured 16' strips of Red Cedar and then 14' and 12' strips of White Cedar. They were a fairly close match and it still allowed me to at least save a few ounces of weight using half White Cedar. I also bought a couple of 1/4 inch dark red accent stripes. They had some long pieces of Sitka Spruce so I bought four 1"x1"x20' lengths for my lightweight gunnels and a couple of big chunks of Sitka to cut up for my seats, yoke and decks.

I bought most supplies, like sandpaper, pegboard for the molds, and plywood for the strongback at a nearby hardware/lumber store.

The epoxy and fibreglass cloth were purchased from Raka Boatbuilding Products down in Florida and shipped up to Toronto.  Even with shipping the price was reasonable.  I liked working with this epoxy and it comes out very clear.  Just don't use the pumps provided because they can give inaccurate measures.  The owner, Larry, is very helpful on the phone and I would definitely use this product again. Though for convenience I wish it was available here, off the shelf!  As it turned out, I ended up using locally bought MAS epoxies for other small jobs, repairs, and applying the graphite layer.

Sorry I haven't itemised costs.  Prices should be available at the companies mentioned above.  The total for the project was approximately $1500-1600 (Canadian Dollars).  That is not including the cost of a new palm sander, spokeshave, two scrapers, and Dazuki saw but including all other materials and supplies.