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Massassauga Provincial Park, Ontario Canoe Routes* "Gathering" (July 2000) 

What is a "Gathering"?  Users of the Ontario Canoe Routes web site (*now Canadian Canoe Routes) had been talking to eachother on the discussion forum but never met.  Eventually, someone came up with the idea of congregating at Gooseneck Bay in Massassauga Provincial Park to get to know eachother in person.  It turned out to be so much fun that CCR gatherings now happen sometimes two or three times per season and even for some winter camping!

Below are three photos taken in Massassauga Park after the main Gathering broke up:

  (Click on photos to enlarge)


gather12.JPG (83704 bytes)

Stressed out!


gather10.JPG (41445 bytes)

Fishing at dusk.  More stress!