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This page contains links to my favourite canoeing web sites:

Canadian Canoe Routes (CCR) has a wealth of information on routes, techniques, and equipment as well as discussion forums for all those problems and questions you always wondered about, and some you never thought of. Navigate by using the buttons at the top of the CCR pages.

Save Wilderness Canoeing (SWC) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preserving remote canoe routes. SWC aims to use digital mapping software to document portage trails and transfer that data to government land planning databases in order to protect or restore portage trails during development activities. You can support SWC in a number of ways: by contributing data; signing a statement of support; and/or purchasing an annual membership.  

The Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association can be found at:

And the Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association:

When you need an up to date weather forecast, try the Environment Canada site: 

Or the Weather Network and type in the nearest city in the search box in the top left corner:

For real time water levels:

If you are thinking about building a cedarstrip canoe, check out these pages:

Mountain Equipment Co-op, my favourite store, can be found at: