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Riviere du Lievre (17-23 May 2003)


This was a week long Spring whitewater trip on the Riviere du Lievre in Quebec with Ben Hoffman (2 canoes paddled solo). All photos on this page are by Ben but size and resolution have been reduced because of memory storage limitations.


The Riviere Lievre is a good trip for whitewater paddlers with some long challenging and continuous rapids but channels cleared of large obstructions from early logging operations.

below_rapids.jpg (151988 bytes)      paddling_rapids.jpg (117572 bytes)      lets_go.jpg (129927 bytes)

Just days before departure the water levels matched the earlier spring runoff peaks and some rapids, or sections of rapids, had to be lined and/or portaged:

Lining_1.jpg (121509 bytes)      Lining_4.jpg (131784 bytes)      Lining_5.jpg (116625 bytes)      Lining_6.jpg (126769 bytes)

The view looking upstream and sidestream puts the sequence above in better perspective:

view upstream.jpg (136479 bytes)     view sidestream.jpg (128784 bytes)

Scouting and lining the long rapid above a Class IV gorge:

Scouting_to_Gorge.jpg (214379 bytes)      Lining_before_Gorge.jpg (138399 bytes)

We both went for swims but, aside from pride, the only damage was to Ben's sprayskirt. I had an open canoe and took on water often with the high water levels and numerous waves.

dump_damage.jpg (65209 bytes)

There are numerous start and finish points on the river because the area has hundreds of miles of logging roads and is still logged extensively. But its not the best wilderness experience. Clearcuts are sometimes visible from the river and the drive in passes through many logging operations. We didn't encounter much wildlife but we saw numerous hunting and fishing camps.

logging_3.jpg (110440 bytes)      hunt_camp_lunch1.jpg (94753 bytes)      water pump to nowhere.jpg (63164 bytes)

Even so there were some nice sections of river and, while many of the campsites were former logging camps or atop abandoned logging roads, we did see the odd nice campsite.

giant_tent_pad.jpg (117972 bytes)      nice_campsite.jpg (149311 bytes)     Lievre_sunset.jpg (73135 bytes)

I usually eat dehydrated meals but on this trip I was treated to Ben's excellent cookery, including fresh stir fry and even hot apple pie for desert!

Stir_fry.jpg (83953 bytes)      Hot_Apple_Pie.jpg (91923 bytes)

We started our trip from Lake Nemiscachinque but there was a bit of confusion during the drive in because neither of us realised that the locals use a different variation of the name. But with so many logging roads crisscrossing the area we were able to find another way in without doubling back:

Nemiscachingue_Lake.jpg (93138 bytes)