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French River - Georgian Bay - Fox Islands (near Killarney) - Pickerel River (July 30 - August 6, 2004)


This trip started at Hartley Bay Marina, down the French River Old Voyageur Channel, out into Georgian Bay past Point Grondine, Hen Island, Sugar John Bay, Beaverstone Bay, Dear Island, Bateman Island, Big Rock Portage, the Fox Islands (near Killarney), and back via Hawk Island, Whitefish Bay, Dead Island, and the Pickerel River.

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Old Voyageur Channel

old_voyageur_3rd_rapid.jpg (203094 bytes)      Old_Voyageur_channel_02.JPG (149490 bytes)      voyageur sunset 2.jpg (178827 bytes)


Hen Island

Hen_Isl_canoe_4.jpg (138667 bytes)


Sugar John Bay

Toward Sugar John Bay.jpg (199157 bytes)


Fox Islands near Killarney

Fox_island_canoe.JPG (163941 bytes)      fox_looking_inland.jpg (180831 bytes)      fox_view_1.jpg (192044 bytes)

fox_yakkers.jpg (202111 bytes)      fox_sunsetting.jpg (84620 bytes)      Fox_sun_down.jpg (223237 bytes)


Hawk Island

Hawk_I_windward.jpg (108989 bytes)      Killarney_mountains.JPG (62651 bytes)



Evening Primrose.jpg (79728 bytes)     Swamp Rose.jpg (117130 bytes)      Narrow-leaved Gentian.jpg (64751 bytes)

Evening Primrose (& Bee)      Swamp Rose              Narrow-Leaved Gentian

Oenothera biennis            Rosa palustris             Gentiana linearis

Cardinal Flower.jpg (62722 bytes)     White Water Lily.jpg (64158 bytes)      Yellow Pond Lily.jpg (74229 bytes)      blueberries.jpg (104998 bytes)

Cardinal Flower            Fragrant White Water Lily       Yellow Pond Lily         Late Low-bush Blueberry

Lobelia cardinalis              Nymphaea odorata          Nuphar variegatum     Vaccinium angustifolium